Ayot St Peter today

Ayot St Peter is a Parish Meeting within the Welwyn Hatfield Borough. Like a Parish Council, a “Parish Meeting” is the most local level of government, and exists in parishes that are too small for a Parish Council.

In a Parish Meeting the officers do not have delegated power – unlike councillors in a Parish Council – and decisions are made by the residents at twice-yearly parish meetings. Matters of interest are discussed and decisions taken by a vote.

Ayot St Peter has three parish officials – a Chairman, Clerk and a Responsible Financial Officer (“RFO”)

If you need to contact any of the parish officers please click here

The following map shows the boundaries of Ayot St Peter parish

Map courtesy of Ordnance Survey Limited. Crown Copyright

If you’re a resident and would like more information on keeping in touch with parish news and events click here

Bluebells in the woods at Ayot St Peter – May 2018
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