Tombs in the old churchyard

There are three fenced tombs in the old churchyard, which we can call the Forsyth, Peacock and Prodgers tombs.

The reason why two of them are there is clear enough: the Peacocks lived at Ayot Lodge (1 Ayot Green) and the Prodgers lived at Ayot Bury. Both tombs are to the north of where the churches once stood.

The Forsyth tomb is to the south of where the C18th octagonal church stood; it was sited between that church and its bell tower, and its Classical style was consistent with that of the church. The connections between the four people buried under the Forsyth tomb and the parish are not at all obvious and have been investigated.

Papers on the Forsyth, Peacock and Prodgers tombs follow –

The Forsyth tomb

The Peacock tomb

The Prodgers tomb

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